“Reflections” APACPH International Photography Competition

“Reflections” Photography and Video Competition is organized by Sri Lanka Medical Association and Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo to coincide with APACPH Conference in Colombo, Sri Lanka from 05th to 09th December 2020.
Winning and commended entries will be exhibited at the official website for the conference.


This is an open competition. Individuals who are interested in communicating via photography about public health, are invited to submit photographs.


Main theme: Human kindness in New Normal

Submissions should highlight the importance of kindness in today’s world. This global pandemic has presented us with a humbling experience that highlights the importance of science, discovery, and innovation, but also humility and kindness. While communicating our science and best practices, how can we also be messengers and teachers who cultivate kindness; Kindness toward others as well as ourselves.


Digital guidelines

  • Only digital images are eligible.
  • Images should be submitted as JPEG files, in colour, with no interpolation applied. Save the JPEGs at the highest possible quality setting in your image editing software.
  • For the submission, images must be 2400 px on the longer aspect. Images must have been taken at a sufficiently high resolution camera.

Rules and Guidelines for images

  • Winning images from other competitions, images that have been selected into other competitions or exhibited in the past are not allowed.
  • Watermarks on images are not allowed.
  • Compositing, sandwiching shots, in camera double or multiple exposures are not allowed.
  • Cropping is allowed.
  • Cleaning, removing dust spots, global adjustments, minor dodging and burning and sharpening is allowed.
  • One contestant is allowed to submit up to four images, each with a short caption (30-50 words).
  • Images must have been taken within the covid-19 pandemic period.
  • Submit your entries through the APACPH conference 2020 official website. If more than 2 entries are submitted Please use a separate Google forms to submit each photo.

Entry deadline: Submit your entry form/ forms online by 15 th November 2020, through the APACPH Conference Website.

Send each photo separately and include in your message the following:

  • Name of photographer
  • Photographer affiliation (Email and Phone)
  • Title of each photograph
  • Location (city and country where photograph was taken)
  • The date (if unknown, please provide the year) each photograph was taken (Photo must have been taken during the Covid-19 pandemic)
  • Contact Number
  • This affirmation for images containing faces that are capable of being recognized: “For this photo I asked for and received from those in the photograph verbal (at a minimum) consent to be photographed.”

Competition Ownership

The owner of the competition is APACPH and Sri Lanka Medical Association.

Copyright & Reproduction

You must be the sole author and owner of the copyright and publishing rights of all images entered.
You will retain copyright of your entries at all time and always be credited alongside your picture.
By entering your images into the competition, you grant permission to the APACPH Sri Lanka Medical Association for a non-exclusive license to reproduce the images in any format for the following purposes:
1. Judging the competition
2. Displaying at the virtual exhibition of the winning and commended entries
3. Inclusion within the exhibition interactive elements owned by APACPH and SLMA.
4. Inclusion within the promotional materials of the competition and exhibition and the awards ceremony.
5. Inclusion within the SLMA and APACPH publications
6. Inclusion within the health promotional material of SLMA, APACPH and other partnering organisations.

Declaration of truth

When uploading photographs, all photographers will be asked to declare that the images they are submitting comply with the competition rules and that the information they have provided is true and accurate.


All entries are sent at the photographer’s risk. The SLMA or APACPH does not accept liability for any loss or damage of any images entered in the competition (howsoever caused) nor for any other loss or damage resulting there from.

Legal Issues

You must have all the publishing rights of entered images in addition to copyrights. It is the responsibility of the participating photographers to have model releases and rights releases wherever applicable.
APACH or SLMA will not accept nor entertain rights claims with regards to competition images. Those claims, if presented, will be redirected to the relevant photographer.
If there are any third party claims inclusive of but not limited to violation of rights, breach of law and defamation, the photographer by entering their images to the competition agrees to indemnify the APACPH and SLMA.

Ethical Guidelines

We advise you to stay within the bounds of accepted decency when capturing and sending images for the competition. APACPH and SLMA will individually assess each of the images and remove those deem unsuitable for publishing via an unrestricted public platform.


Judging will be done by a group of Experts appointed by APACPH and SLMA in the fields of Photography, Health and Public Health.

The decisions by the panel of judges on all matters relating to the competition will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into concerning the competition’s judging and organization. Should the quality of entries fall below the standard required, the APACPH and SLMA reserves the right not to award prizes.

Submit your entries for the photography competition through the following link.