“Reflections” Video Competition

What are the guidelines?

  • Must be 30-60 seconds in length.
  • Maximum File size : 1 GB
  • Should not contain violence, profanity, sex, attacks on individuals or organizations, or other inappropriate messages.
  • Must comply with all laws where the video was filmed.
  • Should not infringe on any third party rights.
  • Be your original creation.   Copyrighted music, video, or images may be used in your video if the owner of the copyright has granted permission for this use.

Releases: You must have each person who appears or speaks in your video sign a written release giving you permission to use his/her likeness in the video.  If any person seen or heard in your video is less than 18 years old at the time you submit your video, his or her parent or guardian must also sign this release form. SPM reserves the right to collect these release forms.

Judging criteria: Videos will be judged on the basis of how effective the videos are in promoting awareness of Public and Global Health.  Creativity, originality, quality, accuracy, and content of message will be considered.

Videos will be judged by a panel of public health and communications experts. 

Who can enter:  The contest is open to all.

Entry deadline: Submit your entry form/ forms online by 15th November 2020.

Privacy policy: Personal information collected from video submissions will never be sold.  The information collected for this contest will be used to contact contest entrants regarding this contest and to identify and announce the names of the winners to the public. 

Submit your entries for the photography competition through the following link.